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Poetry Curry

Poetry Curry

When my pamphlet, Dressing Up, was published in 2017 I curried favour for votes in the Sabotage Awards. Well, the nomination period for this year’s awards are now open and I would very much appreciate your consideration in the spoken word performer category. There is an important matter to remember ... you need to vote in at least three categories in order for those votes to count.

Nominate a best spoken word performer A performer who has either appeared at open mic nights, slots in spoken words events, or who has their own spoken word show (or a combination of the above, of course). We might even consider double acts. Must have performed at least once since 30th March 2018.

Since returning to Swansea to study for an MA in creative writing I've read poems at Noah’s Yard on Uplands Crescent, Tino’s (now closed) on Wind Street, Cinema and Co on Castle Street, and most frequently at The Copper Bar which is also on Castle Street so I feel like I’m beginning to become a bit of a Swansea fixture now :)

It is IMPERATIVE that you vote for at least three events in order for the votes to count!! Enter your three (or more) nominations in the relevant categories and then press the vote button. The website knows when you have voted once so it won’t let you vote again so make sure you put all 3+ nominations down before pressing the vote button. If you are short of ideas for what else to vote for, you could use these:

  • Best Spoken Word Show ... Melanie Branton for ‘My Cloth-Eared Heart’
  • Best spoken word regular night ... The Copper Bar, Swansea

And when you’ve cast your votes, why not settle down for a Blank Verse Biryani for dinner, or a Villanelle Vindaloo if you’re feeling more spicy ... me, I'll be having spaghetti in a sultry sonnet sauce :) xx

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  1. Susan Susan

    Okay, thanks for the suggestions, because I don’t follow anyone else who would qualify, so your three were my nominations. =) I’ve been on vacation and am starting to get caught up. I went to Tucson.

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