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Don’t Date a Poet

Don't Date a Poet

I know what you're thinking, “I read this blog yesteday, why is he blogging again today?” What I am hoping is that you didn't read my blog yesterday! or at least, if you did, you didn't take any notice of the addition I made an hour after posting, suggesting that the deadline for the Creative Future literature competition was 1 July, not 26 June as I initially posted.

I've just removed that info because, reading an email that has arrived this morning, I realise that it is another competition entirely that has a closing date of 1 July, not the Creative Future competition! Mea culpa. So, if you read my info and thought, “Great! I've still got a week to enter!” I'm sorry, you don't!

You've got until 5pm tonight to enter. Moral of the story, don't trust a poet with important information like deadline dates; don't trust anything a poet says about dates ... in fact if the word date passes a poet's lips, run a mile, especially if you're being asked out on a date by a poet! :/

Correct info: Creative Future Literary Competition, deadline 5pm Monday 26 June 2017 ... best of luck to all who have entered or are doing so today :) xx

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  1. Frances Browner Frances Browner

    I thought you were going to say ‘don’t date a poet because you might end up in one of his/her poems!’

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