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Will Write For Food

Will Write For Food

am I posting to let you know I've won the euro 10,000 Ballymaloe Poetry Prize? hehe, no! The shortlist was announced today. The winner will be announced at a grand dinner later in the month (I'm assuming it includes a dinner - they are calling it "a special awards ceremony, which to my hungry mind implies some food or at the very least some nibbles! ... there you go again, fellow poets, if you want to eat you have to win competitions!).

Ah well, I've bounced back by entering 2 poems to Dedalus Press for a publication called The Level Crossing (poems reflecting a sense of place) Submissions for that are open until the end of March 2016, so dig out, dig up, unearth, excavate up to 3 poems for potential inclusion in The Level Crossing in April / May — ... any poems accepted receive euro 30 (max 1 poem per poet will be accepted).

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  1. Jo Burns Jo Burns

    I also did not get shortlisted for Ballymaloe, and have also entered Dedalus level Crossing-we obviously use the same tools :)) Good luck-love your website and I am very sure yours is a name we will all be hearing a lot more of in the future! Best wishes Jo (OTE)

    • Giles Giles

      I think the tools we use in common are words 🙂 Very best of luck for your poems with a sense of place too. Thanks for checking out my website 🙂

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