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Horrible Poetry

Horrible Poetry

sometimes poetry research can be disturbing. I really would prefer not to know more about wasps, but now I do thanks to Wiki and creative writing group.

I embrace diversity but go read the diversity section on the wasp Wikipedia page and tell me without quaking in your boots that you welcome diversity. I never want to meet a Tarantula Hawk wasp, which is as big and painful as its name implies; come to that I don't want to meet even the tiny chalcid wasps that are but 0.2mm in length.

What I find very fascinating though is that wasps have voluntary control over the gender of baby wasps. Male wasps are created from unfertilised eggs, so if a mother wasp wants sons she can produce them all on her own. Imagine, there could be a million wasp baby Jesuses born every year *shudder*

"under most conditions in most species, wasps have complete voluntary control over the sex of their offspring." (Wikipedia)

So what exactly am I writing? A poem responding to an Easter creative writing prompt to write something in the horror genre. What am I most afraid of? My 5th Circle of Hell is a Vespidae petting zoo, but that might be a story for a future poem. The resulting horror Poem, 'The Poetry of Nightmares' can be found now, on the poetry page ... if you dare.

Crazy Fact:I've never been stung by anything with wings.

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